Esperanza Community Center

Our Mission

“Empowering Northwood day laborers and families to thrive.”

About Esperanza Community Center

ECC promotes a harmonious integrated community in which all people can achieve their highest potential, and seeks to be a model for other communities dealing with day laborers.

Our Services

Esparanza Work Center

The Esperanza Work Center is a program that offers to register workers without an employment contract and thus be contacted when opportunities arise to work for daily or weekly pay. 

Baby Diaper Program

Esperanza Community Center is very thankful to the Cotton Bottom Baby Diaper Bank Program for the greatly needed supplies, as well as the bonus of opening up our families to each other.

Adult Education

Esperanza Community Center offers crucial services including workforce training and development, English proficiency classes, civic education, legal services, counseling services, and more.

Health & Wellness

Esperanza Community Center seeks to increase access to information and healthcare. We have a network system of support and referrals, in order to help alleviate some of the obstacles facing our community. 

Food & Nutrition

Esperanza Community Center partners with other nonprofits in the community to distribute food on an as-available basis to the residents in the Northwood area who are in need of food for themselves and/or their families.

Mujeres Fuertes

Mujeres Fuertes is a program for the empowerment of Spanish-speaking women. The program offers a safe and fun space for participants to share their stories, and recognize their strengths and worthiness.

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