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Mujeres Fuertes

About The Program

Mujeres Fuertes, meaning “Strong Women,” is an empowerment program that has been developed at the Esperanza Community Center in West Palm Beach to encourage Spanish-speaking women immigrants to share their stories and recognize their strengths and worth.

The program offers a safe and fun space for participants to share their stories, recognize their strengths and worthiness.

Mujeres Fuertes is geared toward mothers with young children and consists of a series of workshops led by professionals experienced in public health, social work and social and community development.

Participants who complete the program have the tools to establish and demand more reciprocal relationships, defend their rights, and advocate for their children’s medical and educational needs. The women can see themselves and know that they are worthy, capable and that being a woman does not mean being inferior.

Why We Started

After listening to the stories from the mothers at Esperanza Community Center, we found the need to open a space to talk about the challenges that are part of their daily lives:

These conversations then led us to create a series of workshops lasting nine weeks to strengthen their decision-making, reflective capacity, and resilience. Empowering them was challenging without first listening and understanding the wounds they live with as part of the immigrant community in West Palm Beach. We gave space for catharsis, hugs, tears, solidarity, and laughter. We invited them to share their personal stories in order for them to reclaim their truth and present space.

Program Schedule

The program consists of one (1) meeting per week.

Participants can select their schedule out of four (4) available sessions on Wednesday or Thursday at 9:30 am or 11:00 am.

Each panel may have up to 10 participants, with an estimated number of 40 participants a week. Changes in the schedule may take place based on holidays, etc. The nine-week program runs quarterly, for a total of four times a year.

The Esperanza Center wishes to thank the Children’s Services Council, for funding this much-needed program.

Babysitting is provided, and children are engaged with educational and age-appropriate activities and games in our children’s room.

For additional information call (561) 560-3558.

Mujeres Fuertes 2022 Photo Exhibit