Esperanza Community Center

What we do

Health & Wellness

In support of the Esperanza Community Center’s mission of empowering Northwood day laborers and families to thrive, ECC helps Center clients access health and wellness services and resources in the community. We do this by:

Providing Covid-19 support:

  • Arranging for COVID-19 testing in the neighborhood in partnership with the WPB police and fire departments.
  • COVID-19 vaccination events in partnership with Walmart Pharmacy.
  • Distributing adult and children’s masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves to community residents.
  • Supplying food to those who test positive so they stay quarantined in their homes.

Linking those in need of medical and mental health services to local service providers:

Providing dental care for children via the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s mobile dental center. Events are held monthly, 15 children receive basic dental care that include a checkup, x-rays, cleaning and treatment plan if needed, at each visit.

Distributing diapers to mothers in the community to help with infant care, made possible thanks to donations of diapers by the Cotton Bottom Diaper Bank.

The Esperanza Community Center is currently working to provide health and wellness screenings by collaborating with community partners that serve area residents.